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Deeply sad to tell of the passing of John ‘Bonny’ Acock the Co-producer of the ‘Raft’ album. We send all our condolences to his partner, children, family and friends.

John aged 66 died of cancer on August 21st in Hereford. Words don’t get near describing how much John meant to so many including all the musicians he helped so unselfishly throughout his career. He treated every musician, no matter who, with the same unswerving desire to capture the essence of their music. He engineered and produced with great emotional and musical insight, always sustaining and guiding the essence of the music thro to the finished work. His production credits are a who’s who of the music world. See below for a link to a 3 part interview with John.

“I met John in 1978 recording the ‘Sentinel’ album. His quiet humility calmed the tensions while his engineering skills surpassed. He was very empathetic and supportive towards what I was trying to achieve with the songs. From then on he encouraged me to develop my recording work, guiding me thro technical issues for decades and over viewed the engineering, pre mastering and mastering of most of the albums and commissions I have produced since 1978. John and I co produced ‘Raft’ released this year and the positive reviews in Mojo, Uncut, Shindig etc are a credit to him. A few people also knew what a brilliant keyboard player John was. I have never received such unselfish empathy, support and guidance from anyone in the music scene. My heart goes out to his loved ones for the premature loss of one of the nicest people I have known. May a healing begin for all those who now miss him so much.” NMJ.

Link … John Acock interview 2014 parts 1, 2 and 3


‘Raft’ the brand new album for 2014. New and original material strongly featuring 12 string guitars and including glissando. Available via this web site where sales support the artist direct.

Guest players include Guy Evans of Van Der Graaf Generator on drums and percussion - Rog Patterson on Chapman Stick, fretless bass and acoustic - Jo Lucy on violin - Oscar Morse on Sax - Jim Nield on electric guitar - Rob Phillips on fretless bass - Margaret MJ on piano - Dave Reeves on harmonicas – Oscar Morse on Sax. Original paintings Pete Loveday.

Atmospheric influences from the rugged North Cornish coastline and the story of 'Raft' - Some of these pieces were written, played and recorded simultaneously. All 'string' sounds are created by glissando.

Sleeve notes extract

‘… Earth is the raft that carries us all.

Rafts are fragile, not permanent, and held together with hopes and dreams.

So I set my sails well . . .

What say you my friend, let’s strike out for the ocean?’

Raft pages


"Thereís a complexity to his approach, ferocity edged with a brittle beauty .. joy of living pervades .. often rainbow lit." - Mojo May 2014

"lyrical inspiration, daring instrumental tracks that shine. 8 out of 10" - Uncut Magazine

"entirely original acoustic folk sound, some of the best acoustic music in the UK" - Shindig! Magazine

"An undoubted musical maverick, there is something profoundly elemental about his music" - R2 (Rock n Reel) Magazine

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